A MAN who built Jurassic Park in his garden as a teenager is living the dream of many film enthusiasts by dealing in movie memorabilia.

Andy Simpson buys and sells props from the big screen, from false body parts in Harry Potter films to outfits worn in Bond blockbusters and artefacts from Titanic.

Andy, of Heslington, who set up the petition to save John Lewis York, said his Movie Mania business hadn't been hit by the pandemic because it was online.

York Press:

Andy Simpson, of www.moviemaniaonline.co.uk, sold these casino props used in ‘Casino Royale’ (2006)  and signed by the cast, for £1,395.

"It is bitter sweet because it is a detriment to the high street but my product is so niche I have to be online. It is still a small business and I am getting the word out. Obviously I would like to sell things like Luke Skywalker's lightsaber but I am not at that stage yet. One day."

Andy who helps care for his father who has dementia said his business provided an element of escapism, and he hopes to hold an auction in York later this year.

York Press:

Andy Simpson, of York, with the screen-used lamp used by Daniel Radcliffe in the film The Woman in Black (2012)

He hit The Press headlines as a boy when he transformed his parents' garden in Holgate into a fully-working cinema, a Jurassic Park-themed water ride and then an Egyptian theme park. Each project attracted visitors, school parties and lots of media coverage.

York Press:

Andy  sold this outfit worn by Angelina Jolie in the opening scenes of ‘Salt’ (2010) for £1,750 

Andy now sources, researches and sells pieces of film history at www.moviemaniaonline.co.uk, which he frames with proof of provenance. A dress worn by Catherine Zeta Jones in the Mask of Zoro was one of his most valuable items, fetching about £5,500.

"It originally sold through Sothebys so it had all the provenance as well.

"I work with crew and production members. It is like antique dealing but with film props. I usually get a lot of custom from Instagram.

York Press:

A piece of the original Hollywood sign which stood from 1923 to 1978. This piece is from the letter ‘H’ which Andy Simpson, of Movie Mania, York, obtained from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. 

"It can be anything from prosthetic ears used in Harry Potter to the ski suit Pierce Brosnan wore in the World is Not Enough.

"There's a lot of detective work for provenance which I love. It can be fascinating. I am such a film fan. I'm a big horror fan but at the other end of the spectrum my all-time favourite is La La Land. I love anything associated with the golden age of Hollywood."

York Press:

This First Class plate used in Titanic (1997) sold for £475.