THE transgender pride flag is flying at York’s Mansion House today – a week after City of York Council voted to become trans-inclusive.

Today, March 31, is International Transgender Day of Visibility – an event to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by trans and non-binary people and celebrate the community.

Cllr Rachel Melly, who pushed for the council to become trans inclusive, said: “York is a diverse, inclusive city, where we celebrate the transgender community.

“There are several local events happening to mark Transgender Day of Visibility, so I’m really pleased the council is taking part.  Increasing visibility and improving awareness is the first step to acceptance.”

Cllr Darryl Smalley, who backed the plans, added: “York has shown itself to be home to a range of amazingly supportive and diverse communities. We all deserve the right to feel safe and welcomed, especially in the place we call home.

“We stand in solidarity with the transgender community, we celebrate their valuable contribution to our society and we want to raise awareness of the discrimination they still face.”

Last Monday councillors voted for York to become trans inclusive – with pronouns he, she or they to be added to email signatures, the trans pride flag to be flown twice a year at council buildings and extra training to be provided.