WE all love a day out (remember them?) to Whitby.

But this film takes us down memory lane – back to 1987 with a glimpse into the life of fishermen at Whitby.

The short film – made for younger audiences – was first broadcast by the BBC on September 22, 1987.

Reporter Tony Neilson went to Whitby to show children how fresh the fish on their plate was.

In the film, titled, ‘Watch: Thanks To The Sea’ , we see fisherman at the harbour delivering fresh boxes of fish, packed with ice, to the fish market.

Inside, the auctioneer speaks at ten to the dozen as traders bid for the fresh fish.

Look at one of the buyers on his mobile phone - it is the size of a brick with a radio antenna protruding. How things have changed!

The film is the latest to be released from the BBC’S Yorkshire archive – to be shared with Press readers.

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Now sit back and let's go back in time to Whitby of 1987...