WORKSHOPS designed to help York women gain confidence, resilience and fulfilment are being launched.

Andrea Morrison, a transformational coach, is launching her Courageous Females Programme from Monday, May 10, to help women feel more empowered and self-assured.

The eight-week online programme combines interactive workshops, masterclasses and reflection sessions as well as a platform for members to join a supportive community.

The course will also reflect on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on many gender-inequality issues.

Andrea said: “I’m really excited to run my Courageous Females Programme again, following fantastic feedback from the members who took part in my inaugural course in 2020.

"This last year’s circumstances have seen many of us put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and worry we’re not good enough at home, in the workplace, or both.

"This programme will help women realise they have coped better than they realise, and have the power to control their own thoughts, feelings and reactions and give them the tools to use that realisation to improve their every-day lives.

"I’ve designed this course to enable women to permanently change how they see themselves, how to rationalise the concern they have of how they’re perceived by others, and help them quieten their inner, self-deprecating voice.

“We will work through how to not only manage the present difficulties but also establish how to move forward, beyond the here and now, by instilling long-lasting, ingrained beliefs of who we are and what we’re capable of."

Andrea’s approach provides a calm, safe space for insight and dialogue, helping women realise the possibility and achievable reality to feel capable, competent and excited about their future potential and happiness.

Before her journey into personal development Andrea was a successful barrister and understands the pressures of juggling a stressful career and raising a young family, which eventually led to her burn-out.

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