YORK has been ranked fifth in a table of the best Yorkshire and the Humber cities to start a remote business.

Analysts at Dojo, part of the Paymentsense brand, researched the best places to turn lockdown hobbies into a successful side hustle - with Gloucester topping the list.

Dojo analysed a set of criteria to assess which UK city had the best working conditions to start a business, including a combination of ONS data - population, region population, five-year start-up survival rate and unemployment rate - as well as the average weekly pay for full-time workers, the number of post offices within each city, the average monthly cost for rent, and broadband speed to created the Remote business Index.

In Yorkshire and the Humber region, the top cities for remote working were Bradford in first place, followed by Wakefield, then Leeds, Sheffield and, in fifth place, York.

From the 10 regions analysed, Yorkshire and the Humber ranked fourth.

Bradford, with a total index score of 131 out of 252, has one of the highest average weekly pay for full-time workers out of all the UK regions examined, sitting at £540.

With the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment at £493.18 and an average broadband speed of 49MB, it is a good place for self-starters to turn their bedroom into a business.

Wakefield has am index score of 112 points, with an average disposable income of £417 per week.

Leeds comes third with an index score of 100 points, closely followed by Sheffield in fourth with 98. While these neighbouring cities have an unemployment rate of 5.1%, Leeds has a broadband speed of 57MB while Sheffield has 42MB.

York holds fifth place with an index score of 83. While the average monthly cost to rent a one-bed in the city centre is £771.67, York had one of the highest average weekly pay for full-time workers of £540.