AS Sunday approaches those Census forms must be sent or an expensive fine is threatened.

The smug ones can pat themselves on the back because by applying on the internet, its an easy peasy moment.

And for most with our internet connections that is so.

However there are many lonely isolated pensioners who have enduring nightmares; restless dark nights struggling with this unforgiving form.

I give you an example of a confused extremely frightened 90-year-old widow.

What for her in this uncaring cyberspace world that we all now live in?

This simple but deadly purple form rattling through her letterbox gives a simple message to phone for a paper form if no internet is available.

Desperate by now, she may phone and find the waiting game of a five day waiting list before this vital form arrives.

Obviously this 21st deadline will by then be overdue.

What is so wrong with listening; ink before you think to embrace all aspects of our society?

How many ears must one man or government have, before we can hear people cry?

P R Shepherdson,