I HAVE received my Council Tax bill today and whereas I do not mind the charges on it for the Adult Social Care, the Fire and Rescue Service and Police and Crime Commission, I have to question why even in Band B I am being charged £1,000 to the City of York Council?

What do I get for the £1,000 that they are charging?

I get my grey bin empties around 26 times a year, same with the recycling (which they want) and green bins emptied between April and November every two weeks!

I know they do other things too but really a charge of £1,000 a year from every household not on benefits?

Consider the number of accommodations in York and that is an outrageous amount for the council to grab off us.

Start charging for student accommodation or landlords who buy houses to let as student accommodation and reduce the cost to normal householders who struggle anyway!

Ann Forshaw,

Fourth Avenue,