ONCE again City of York Council insists on putting Council Tax up by the maximum five per cent despite the fact that we have been in an extended period of deflation and low interest.

Add to that the fact that many council services have been unavailable due to lockdown and therefore vastly reducing running costs.

The fact that the latest budget has added more investment to local councils to help them out makes me wonder why we have not had a Council Tax reduction or at least a 'freeze' this year.

Monthly payments for some have gone up for some from £185 to £220 in the last five years - far above inflation rates.

At a time when most people are only getting 80 per cent of their wages or have lost their jobs this is disgraceful. Forget the new bus station and digging up the 'Eye Of York' because the council cannot afford it and the residents certainly cannot.

As a 'Beacon' council, we are not even in line with many others across the UK who at least manage to give all over 60s free bus travel - something which is a very easy move to make and will help reduce the city's carbon footprint - unlike a new multi-storey car park which will not!

Eddie Vee,