A LEGO fan from York and his dad have helped combat lockdown boredom by re-creating parts of our marvellous city in miniature with a little help from FaceTime.

27-year-old Ruaidri McCrohan, who lives in Clifton Moor, and his dad, Richard, 63, who lives in Shropshire, have used their love of Lego to impressive effect recreating many of York’s famous landmarks from the Minster and Clifford’s Tower to the Yorkshire Museum and the railway station.

Ruaidri said: “During lockdown I have been furloughed from my job at HMV, and my fiancée, Hayley, works as a nurse at York Hospital, so other than keeping the house spotless and making dinners I’ve had to find things to keep myself busy and it usually ends up with me watching TV or on my PS4.

“My Dad on the other hand has been busy designing and building these Lego sets using bricklinks. He was always better than me at building Lego, he loves the architecture range and has spent some of his lockdown designing cities he has previously lived in, his most recent one being the skyline of Norwich. He surprised me by giving me this set of York. In it he designed the train station, Micklegate, Coney Street, Clifford’s Tower, the museum and the Minister.

“He gave me one rule and that was that I wasn’t allowed to build it unless my fiancée was at work. I decided that whenever I was going to build it I would give my dad a video call and we could ‘build it’ together. These calls meant quite a lot to me, as me and my dad haven’t done anything similar to this for a very long time, it took me back. Once it was completed I posted it on Facebook and it was great to see some feedback and even some other Lego sets that others have designed of York. It was a great thing to do with my dad even if it was virtual, but to come away with a one of a kind Lego set was just as good as spending time with him.”

For the designs go to bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=204273