A YOUNG Elvington CE Primary pupil has inadvertently brought a few smiles to people’s faces, after completing her latest school project.

Freya Corps, six, has been taking on weekly challenges set by head teacher Andrew Buttery and a recent challenge to his pupils was to recreate some famous artwork.

Freya’s mum Sally, 41, explained: “She saw a film in which Frida Kahlo performed and was fascinated by her. So, when I found a self-portrait of the Mexican artist, we thought it would be a really great one to do.

“Freya laughed and laughed at the finished product and we haven’t had much to laugh about during lockdown - we had so much fun with it.

“She asked if she could keep her make-up on for the rest of the day and every time I looked at her it just set me off again, it was so funny,” added Sally, who is a solicitor with solicitor husband Anthony, 51, at his law firm AJC Law in Sutton on Derwent.

But Freya isn’t the only budding actor in the family. Her brother Jude is five-years-old, and Sally added: “Jude hasn’t done this challenge but, when he was four, he had to recreate a scene out of a famous film. We chose The Shining,” laughed Sally.

Jude burst through the door with an axe and mum had to look shocked in the recreation.

Mr Buttery said: “We’re very impressed with how the children have taken to the weekly challenges.

“The creativity, resilience and problem-tackling the children have had to tackle has been awe-inspiring really.

“The first email I got, after setting the ‘famous art recreation’ challenge, was from Freya and brought a huge smile to my face. And since then we’ve gone on to receive many more that can been seen on the school’s Twitter feed @ElvingtonCE.”