YORK is the second-best city in the UK to retire to, according to a new analysis.

A top ten of great retirement cities has been created using an index-based point system based on various social and geographical factors, including crime level, annual sunshine, quality of health care, house prices and access to various leisure activities.

The study by HeatingForce.co.uk found that Norwich is the best UK city to retire to with a score of 925 out of 1,000, scoring among the highest for the number of parks and health walks and a low crime level.

York is in second place with a score of 767, with marks achieved for plenty of natural outdoor space, with 22 natural spaces and parks per 100,000 people.

It also scores well for cafes, said to be 146 per 100,000 people.

However, with only five marked walks within a five mile radius of the city centre, York is said to have one of the lowest quantity of health walks, dragging down its total score.

Bournemouth is said to be the third best city to retire to with a score of 699, ranking highest for hours of annual sunshine, followed by Edinburgh (696), Newcastle upon Tyne (688) and Plymouth (682).