BISHOPTHORPE Road has changed so much since this photo was taken in 1983.

The black and white image of a rather suburban parade of shops seems a world away from the colourful, bustling and cosmopolitan area now affectionately known as Bishy Road.

More regarded for its flat whites than its flat caps today, the changing face of Bishopthorpe Road's shopping area reflects what has happened to the city as a whole.

Cafe culture has taken York by storm, with coffee shops being the new place for people to meet and gather - and a wealth of restaurants and upmarket shops adding to the mix too.

Of course, that was before the pandemic.

York is a ghost town at the moment - like the rest of the UK.

Likewise, Bishy Road is a shadow of its usual self.

But under Boris's roadmap, society will be slowly opening up again.

Bishy Road - and the rest of York - will be bustling with life again, sometime in the not too distant future.

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