We are glad Cllr Andy D'Agorne feels that the latest extension to the footstreets has been successful (Greens are delivering on the climate agenda, Letters, February 20). Unfortunately this latest exclusion from the city centre to Blue Badge holders is anything but, and disabled residents are now having to go elsewhere.

Over the last two years we have variously had anti-terrorism, social distancing and now 'supporting small independent businesses' cited as the reasons for excluding Blue Badge holders and taxis for transporting elderly and disabled people from the centre without consultation or reasonable mitigation.

We hope he has taken notice of the Judicial Review in London on January 20 this year when Mrs Justice Lang stated that Transport for London 'failed to have proper regard to the Public Sector Equality Duty pursuant to section 149 of the Equality Act 2010' when carrying out very similar closures.

Numerous individuals have now signed the #ClosedToUs petition against the recent city centre street closures on change.org - 1,164 to date.

Not everyone can go shopping to support local independent businesses in York without parking close to them or having other means of accessing them. Expecting otherwise could be seen as illegal.

Alison Hume,

York Accessibility Action,

Nether Poppleton, York