A revolution in the way electric car owners can charge their vehicles is beginning.

Two new charging ‘hyperhubs’ – which will be the largest anywhere in the region – are set to open in York within a few weeks.

One, at the Monks Cross Park&Ride, is due to be finished by April and will feature rapid chargers, as well as a solar canopy and battery storage to help the energy grid cope with demand during peak hours.

A second hyperhub, at Poppleton Bar Park&Ride, is expected to be completed in June.

The city council hopes the new hubs - along with other electric charging points across the city - will play a role in helping persuade motorists to switch to electric.

But how will the new hyperhubs work? Will it be expensive to charge your car? How long will it take? And will the hubs be open to everyone, or just those using the Park&Rides?

We put some questions to the city council….

How long will it take to charge a car at York’s new electric hyperhubs?

The charge time depends on the car and the amount of charge required (charging slows down above 80 per cent). But as a guide 100 miles of charge takes approximately 30 minutes at a rapid chargepoint and 10 minutes at an ultra rapid.

How much will they cost to use?

Rapid and ultra rapid chargers will cost 25p /kWh. This makes York one of the cheapest places in the UK for rapid/ ultra rapid charging. The average electric car at the moment does something like three miles per kWh - so the per-mile cost will be about 8p.

Will there be slower, cheaper chargepoints as well?

The Hyperhubs will have rapid and ultra rapid chargers only. However, the Monks Cross Park&Ride will get 30 'fast' chargepoints (slower ones) for Park&Ride customers to use. These will cost slightly less: 20p /kWh.

Will the hyperhubs be open to anyone, or just those using the P&Rs?

Hyperhubs will be open to anyone. They are outside of the Park&Ride sites, making them fully public sites. The first two hyperhubs have been sited next to Park&Ride sites because these sites are owned by the council, which has allowed for faster delivery, and because they are accessible from the ring road. But the P&R link is coincidental. Hyperhubs are fully public sites, like a petrol station.

Artists impression of the Monks Cross hyperhub

Artist's impression of the Monks Cross 'hyperhub'

Artist's impression of how the new Monks Cross hyperhub will look

How long can you leave your car there?

Ninety minutes: this is enough time to provide a full charge in any car. After 90 minutes an overstay fee will be applied. We expect most customers to stay for around 30 minutes.

Will they be open 24/7?


Will there be a coffee bar to use while your car is charging?

At Monks Cross the site is next to Vanguard Shopping Park which has a good range of cafés.

How many cars could charge at once?

Each site has eight chargers, four rapid and four ultra rapid.

How much are the hubs costing the council?

City of York Council is contributing £400,000 to the total budget of £2,200,000. OLEV (Central Government) has provided £800,000 and ERDF (European funding) has provided £1,000,000. So 82 per cent of the budget comes from OLEV and ERDF.

When will motorists start to be able to use the new hyperhubs?

June/July 2021.

Are more such hubs planned for the future?

Yes. There were plans for a third hyperhub at York Hospital - but there were access issues that could not be resolved. Design work is taking place on an alternative city centre hyperhub.

How important are these hyperhubs for persuading motorists to switch to electric?

The City of York Public Charging Strategy sets out how we will provide fast, rapid and ultra rapid facilities in York, as all of these are necessary.

We see Hyperhubs as a very important part of this comprehensive network and believe that they have a crucial role in enabling motorists to switch to EV (electric vehicles).

Why is it important to do that?

Firstly central Government has announced the phase out of new petrol and diesel cars and vans. It is recognised that public charging needs to be improved to enable this to happen, and City of York Council is taking a proactive approach.

Secondly, City of York Council recognises the contribution that EV’s will make to achieving improvements in local air quality and reducing climate change emissions.

Once the hyperhubs are in operation, how many public electric car charging points will there be in York?

The City of York Council network is being significantly upgraded. By Summer 2021 we will have 15 rapid chargers, eight ultra rapid chargers, and 184 fast chargepoints. This is supplemented by commercial providers.

Where are the others?

We will be announcing all of the sites in due course.