Twice this week I have queued for over half an hour, hardly moving, before both times leaving without visiting the Hazel Court tip.

I cannot believe that businesses in James Street and Hazel Court can put up with it for much longer. Not only that, someone is going to get hurt. Traffic not wanting the tip is going on the wrong side of the road and through traffic lights the wrong way.

The only other tip, in Towthorpe Lane, is shut so all York and surrounding villages are converging on James Street. I wonder how many people have left with a car full of rubbish and dumped it at the side of the road?

Surely City of York Council could find somewhere not so congested and with a more accessible location? Some years ago, the council would put a manned refuse wagon in certain locations around the city, usually a weekend. This might be worth a try. It could cut down a lot of travel and unnecessary queuing.

Paul Milliner, South Bank, York