THE approved Roman Quarter amply demonstrates the fundamental problem with the planning system in York.

If you apply for a piddling proposal outside a conservation area and that scheme is anything other than the rigid, subjective design guides of the council, you can expect it to be fiercely resisted.

But if you want to build ten storeys (yes ten storeys) in the historic core then your scheme will be welcomed and readily approved!

Schemes of such height and bulk might be alright in Leeds or Sheffield, but here they not. They are completely the wrong scale for York.

It seems nothing has been learned from the disaster of Ryedale House or other excessively tall structures which are completely out of place and have ruined the city skyline.

Past mistakes are just that; mistakes! They are not a precedent to be used as an excuse to further damage this ancient city.

Planners should be concentrating their efforts to ensure major city centre redevelopment schemes are limited to around five storeys to protect the overall architectural heritage of York, rather than wasting resources causing grief to locals wanting to carry out modest little projects.

Matthew Laverack,


Lord Mayors Walk, York