I THINK the development of the huge 'teardrop' site behind York Railway Station (otherwise known as York Central) is a great opportunity to regenerate the centre of York, which we all can see still has many empty shops.

Some of the area could maybe be used for a new site for the York Wheel and the Shakespeare's Rose Theatre, these facilities having to be put up and then taken down.

The site, though not as big as the Olympic Park in London, was also previously industrial areas and instead of the Olympic Stadium, York has the National Railway Museum. There are many empty buildings and hopefully these will also be given a new lease of life.

Since the removal of Reynard's Garage on Piccadilly there is no record in the city centre of the importance of York's aircraft manufacturing history, or of places such as the old Clifton airfield, that was important in the war. There may be other areas of unstated history that could be celebrated in some way.

The site offers a great opportunity to design a unique and different area of the city that captures people's imagination and develops the ideas of other residents given after long consultation over many years.

Timothy Wynn Werninck,

Dodgson Terrace, Acomb, York