A York woman who has been shielding since last March for health reasons has finally had her first Covid jab at the Askham Bar vaccination centre.

Lucy Walters, 34, who suffers from Addison’s disease, severe asthma, severe ME and chronic spontaneous urticaria, which means she can have random allergic reactions, said she was delighted to have had the vaccination.

“It was incredible and surreal - quite emotional!" she said. "I have been literally sitting waiting since last March for this day and placing so much hope on having the vaccine. When I received the text, I went straight online and got an appointment within two hours. I then felt a bit stunned!”

Lucy, a patient at York Medical Group, has to take immunosuppressants because of her medical conditrions and has been formally shielding for almost a year.

She said her GP practice had been 'extremely supportive'.

“They checked in on me regularly and when I spoke to my GP they took the time to ask me how I was coping, which was lovely.

"It’s been a very tough year, so it meant so much when I finally came to get my vaccine. I was so nervous - but everyone I spoke to was great.

"One of the first things they did was notice my blue badge - and they reassured me that I wouldn’t have far to walk from the parking area.

“Afterwards I just got back in the car and felt myself welling up – I didn’t realise the impact it would have. That's how much it meant to me.

“I've been so desperate for this – I’ve had every vaccine available since I was little. It means so much to me as it’s a step forward to my family being together.

“There have been times when I have been terrified - right now my health conditions are controlled but if I caught Covid I know I could be seriously ill. I'm a young woman just trying to get on with her life.”