FOUR areas of York have now had so few coronavirus cases that they are shaded white on an official map.

The areas - New Earswick, Wigginton, South Bank & Dringhouses and Poppleton, Rufforth and Askham - all had fewer than three cases in the seven-day period to February 17.

A Public Health England map states that for smaller areas with fewer than three cases, it does not show data so as to protect individuals' identities and the shading is white.

Only three areas are shaded blue because they have a rolling rate higher than 100 cases per 100,000 population - Acomb, with a rate of 105.1, Clifton Without and Skelton, with a rate of 117.5 and Huntington, with a rate of 116.4.

All the remaining areas of the city have shades of green because their rate is between 10 and 99.