Housebound pensioner Gill Thompson has had her first Covid jab - thanks to a local charity.

Mrs Thompson was taken to the Askham Bar vaccination centre yesterday afternoon by Serina Doran of the Ambulance Wish Foundation in the charity's own ambulance.

Serina then brought Mrs Thompson back home to Woodthorpe afterwards.

Mrs Thompson, 73, said: "I'm thrilled to bits. Having had it I feel so much safer!"

As we reported last week, Mrs Thompson is disabled after contracting polio as a child. She uses a walking frame to get around her home - but needs a wheelchair if she goes out.

She said she was unable to get to Askham Bar to have the jab because she couldn't leave the house without support.

Her husband Mike, who used to drive her, passed away in 2019. Her son Jonathan, who is a care worker, cannot drive.

Mrs Thompson said she was on a list to get the jab at home, but had not been given a time or date.

She said what Serina of the Ambulance Wish Foundation had done for her was 'fantastic'.

"Serina was brilliant," she said. "I'm so grateful to her. And the people doing the vaccines were so helpful, too."

Mrs Thompson said she had been keen to get the vaccine, even though she never leaves the house, because her son Jonathan visits regularly to help her out.

Even though they social distance during his visits, she said there was always a risk he could pass the virus to her.

In normal times, the Ambulance Wish Foundation helps make final wishes come true for people nearing the end of their lives.

But since the Covid vaccination programme began, the charity has also been helping housebound patients who want to get vaccinated get to the Askham Bar site and back.

Serina said the charity would consider helping anyone who had mobility issues to get to the site for their jab at weekends or in the evenings.

To find out more contact the Ambulance Wish Foundation on 01904 530053.