A LEADING York head teacher and chairman of the city's Schools and Academies Board has spoken of what he wants to see from the Government's roadmap to recovery for schools.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to tell MPs this afternoon that all pupils in all years can go back to the classroom across England from March 8.

But John Tomsett, who as well as being Huntington School head teacher heads up the York Schools and Academies Board, said he's expecting the Government to give schools and colleges the detailed clarification they so desperately need to allow them give pupils the best education possible when they return.

Mr Tomsett said: "I just want clarity from the Government. I want all the students back in school if it is safe for them to return.

"I want a direction for all students to wear masks indoors at all times.

"I want the government to recognise just how logistically demanding it will be to test all 1,500 students in a school like Huntington. It will take days if not weeks to test every single student on their return. I would rather have them back with our systems of control in place and test contacts only.

"I want utter clarity on grading GCSEs and A-levels.

"I want teachers to be able to grade GCSES and A-levels without fear or favour.

"I want us to be given test papers which can be tailored to test what our students have covered from the GCSEs and A levels, so that we can undertake a formal assessment of students in school and grade them fairly."