A CHINESE supermarket and restaurant wants it licence to sell alcohol back - after it was revoked by the council in 2020.

But police object to the application, saying they have concerns about illegal working at the business.

The owners of Regency Restaurant and Supermarket at 2 to 4 George Hudson Street have applied for a licence to play recorded music and supply alcohol on and off premises from 10am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Police say an illegal immigrant was found working at the premises in September 2017 and the premises licence was being breached in a number of ways, including because no one could operate the CCTV.

Officers visited again in September 2019 and once again an illegal immigrant was found working at the business and removed by immigration officials. Breaches of the licence were also recorded.

Police visited again the next month and found the licence was still being breached.

The licence was revoked in June 2020 - and the business has now applied for a fresh licence to allow it to sell alcohol.

Officers say they have had difficulty discussing their concerns with the applicant, Wing Lun Man.

A police statement says: "Given the history of this venue and the persons involved in the running of this business no conditions have been offered to mitigate concerns about illegal working at the premises.

"North Yorkshire Police cannot support this application for the exceptional reasons highlighted in respect of Mr Man as the proposed Designated Premises Supervisor and respectfully ask members to refuse the application."

They add that the restaurant is in the city centre red zone, where there are a high number of bars, pubs and other licensed premises putting pressure on police resources.

This means anyone applying for a licence must show measures they will put in place that will prevent the business from putting extra strain on police.

A statement for the Regency Restaurant and Supermarket says it will put CCTV in place and keep a record of staff training. There will also be two managers on duty.

It says there will be a delivery service for both the restaurant and shop, adding: “When it comes to age-restricted items such as knives, beer, wine, cooking wine and other alcoholic drinks, the Challenge 25 age verification policy will be operated within the supermarket, restaurant, online and delivery service.

“I have been working in the retail and catering industry for over 10 years.

“We do not encourage excessive drinking."

The Regency has been approached for a comment.

A meeting to discuss the licensing application takes place on Monday at 10 am.