HOW wonderful to see more of York's lockdown babies.

Parents have been sending photos of their precious new arrivals during the pandemic and we have been sharing them - and their birth stories with readers.

This week we are saying a big hello to nine more of York's newest citizens...

Arnie Ricky Gowland born on January 3 to Lauren Cumberland and Adam Gowland of York.

Lauren said: "Fairly quick labour. Our first baby! We are so in love with Arnie."

Reggie Andrew Spencer born on Christmas Eve 2020 weighing 7lb 3oz to Drew Johns of York and Michael Spencer of Wakefield! "After two days of induction the little man finally arrived. I couldn’t thank my two delivery midwives enough for all their hard work and patience with me!"

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Russell Leon Hukin born on October 29 at York Hospital to Amy Brooks and Will Hukin of Heworth, York, weighing 6lbs 13oz

Amy said: "Thank you to all the hospital staff in making our stay as comfortable as it could be, we felt very well cared for. Russell has been our shining star from that dark year especially as my grandad died a week later."

Teddy Alexander George Cox born on December 30 to Hannah Dunning and Jason Cox at York Hospital. Hannah said: "We are so happy our beautiful baby arrived safely it was a perfect way to end 2020."

Tommy Lewis Ridsdel born on November 19 weighing 9lb 1oz at York Hospital to Jordan and Sarah Ridsdel of Acomb, York. Proud dad said: "Due to the current situation I had to sit in the car park. Sarah could see me from her window so I went over and took a selfie with her from the other side of the window. We were in and out of hospital in eight hours. Sarah did amazing, no messing about!"

Lexi Melodie Mizon born in York Hospital on August 21 to Haley and Paul Mizon from Acomb. Lexi weighed 7lbs 8.5oz.

Haley said: "With Covid restrictions , it was hard especially when my husband could only stay one hour after the birth. But luckily this was our second child. And Paul could get back to our son Harry who was 17 months old. Staff were absolutely amazing and run off their feet."

Baby Harry Moore was born at York Hospital on January 13 weighing 8lb 9oz to Jodie Gray and Harry Moore of Acomb, York.

Lacey Robyn Sabo born on December 22 weighing 9lb 5oz at York Hospital to Rhian and Damien Sabo of Dringhouses, York. Mum said: "It was a quick delivery after been induced seven days earl. Thankyou to all the midwives especially Abbie who was amazing and helped when Lacey became distressed ."

George Stephen Davies born on November 29 2020, to parents David Davies and Katie Holmes. Weighing 7lb 4oz and born at York Hospital. Katie said: "George was born via emergency section two weeks early. A huge thank you to all the hospital staff who looked after us during our stay, especially the night team on labour ward who were just amazing!"

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