I AM writing to express considerable concern about the proposed Roman Quarter buildings on Tanner Row adjacent to Rougier Street.

The artist's impressions that you published (The Press, February 18) will bear no similarity at all to the finished buildings if they are to be, as is claimed on your front page, ten storeys high.

One only has to think of the impact of that other eyesore on the North Street side of the River, the hotel, to see that another building of a similar or greater height would completely dwarf the surrounding area and interfere with the views of the city and York Minster from many angles.

I am not against sensible development in the city and surrounding area, but we should not forget that York holds the place it does in national and international affection and repute because its citizens in the past took care to value what we have rather than destroy it.

This development looks to me like a sprat to catch a mackerel.

The developers are offering a Roman museum in exchange for an almighty blot on the landscape.

They would have to permit the dig in any case as at the moment the law says they cannot build without allowing rescue archaeology to be undertaken.

Let no one believe this development is about providing housing for York people or much about job creation; it is about a property investment to make money for the super rich.

We have seen too much of this already.

Sarah A Sheils

Stray Garth,