IN reply to Honorary Alderman Ann Reid (Letters, February 18). Ann, Yorkshire is even bigger than you give examples of. Yes we should include Doncaster to Redcar. We should also include Hull to Halifax AND beyond. Yorkshire is huge, lets take full advantage of that fact.

For some reason unknown to me the only option is, York alone, or York combined with the County of North Yorkshire. I so wish we could include more. Why are we allowing our sitting politicians to decide. This is unbelievable.

Of course the Lib/Dems want status quo, they wield the power in York, in coalition with the Greens, why wouldn't they. The real reason though is of course that they haven't a snowballs chance in hell of having any influence in any super authority.

A Yorkshire super council isn't to be feared, it is what it says a Yorkshire council, for Yorkshire, run by Yorkshire folk elected by Yorkshire folk, the likes of you and me.

Local enough to understand our needs, large enough to shade Greater Manchester and large enough also to make Westminster listen.

What's not to like?

David Room,

Elmpark View,