ICE-SKATING and boating on the pond, fishing in the lake, birthday party picnics, splashing in the pool and playing tennis - these just some of the warm and wonderful memories of Rowntree Park.

Readers have been reminiscing following an article in The Press about how the park will be celebrating its centenary this year.

This prompted readers to share memories of why the park is special to them in our Facebook nostalgia group Why We Love York - Memories.

John Grant said: "My memory is of the couple who were the keepers in the 1940s who initially lodged with my gran in Victor Street until they moved into the Lodge above the cafe: Jim and Joan Hubert. They became family friends, Joan sadly passing away last year age 95."

June Caunt recalled the boats on the lake while Mark Hutchinson remembered spending many days in the summer holidays at the park in the 1970s. "I remember the paddle boats in the lake that no longer exist and the boatkeeper's wooden hut that used to be up".

Ian Ramsden asked: "Remember the compost heap that used to be in the trees near the playground? Or the concrete base under the climbing frame? and swinging on the Willow trees?"

Ian Smith posted: "I remember a big freeze in early February 1972 Burnholme School had a heating fault so they sent most of the school kids home but we (5th years) had to stay as we had exams to prepare for. However it became clear that multiple layers of clothing and warming ourselves around the Bunsen burners in the science labs wasn’t going to assist in our abilities to learn anything so we were sent home too. But most of us got on the bus to Rowntree Park skating, sliding and having fun on the frozen lake."

Simon Turner said: "We used to have a swimming gala at Rowntree's Park pool when I was at Nunthorpe School, we all went down there on foot! I also recall the boats and the lake being frozen. My mum used to play for Rowntree's Tennis club so I spent a lot of time hanging around there, even had my birthday parties as picnics. I always used to go and look at the guinea pigs and rabbits they kept there too. I took my kids there, but more often the grandparents did. I have not been recently, but last time I did it had changed a lot. Is there still a cafe?"

Michael Hodgson recalled fishing in the lake "with a net on the end of a cane and a jam jar to put them in".

Some recent photos of the park today posted by Ann Pitcher in the Why We Love York - Memories group prompted this memory from Peter Harrison: "Great photos. I remember catching a pike in here around 1972. The park keeper told me and a pal that it was left in after a flood. It kept eating the ducklings. Trapped it down the thinner end near the Cafe in a landing net then put it in the river. He gave us 50p each for that."

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