IT all began with a photo of the Northern Supermarket in Whitby Avenue in York.

We asked readers if they remembered the store - which some reported to be York's first supermarket - and the floodgates opened.

Readers have been sharing memories, not only of the Northern, but also of a long list of other well-known and loved supermarts in York that are no longer with us.

And we've had a look through our archives to find some old photos of some more of York's long 'lost' supermarkets.

The photos...

Our photos today include: The Co-op in Acomb in 1973; Frank Dee's Supermarket, Clifton Green in 1974; Liptons in Goodramgate in late 1980s or early 1990s; Presto in Acomb's Front Street in 1979; Tesco, in Piccadilly in 1988; Robsons in Haxby and Jackson's in Fulford Road in 2000.

Your memories...

We had an incredible response to our first article on the 'lost' supermarkets of York which recalled Northern Supermarket as well as Hillards, now the Co-op on Hull Road, Presto in George Hudson Street, and Robson's of Haxby,

More than 30 readers left comments under The Press article online, 20 posted on our Press Facebook page and loads more on our new nostalgia Facebook group Why We Love York - Memories.

Hillards in York

Hillards in York

Gillian Ring posted: "Loved Hillards. We lived in Lamel Street so I used to take the trolley into our kitchen and unload the shopping. I returned the trolley of course! Great staff."

John Fletcher wrote: "I remember Hillards. When I was a kid I lived on Thief Lane which is 5min walk from it. I remember I was 11 and my dad used to smoke Hamlet cigars so mum gave me a written note to say that I was buying them for dad and they were ok to sell me the cigars because mum and dad weren't able to get to the shops! I loved that shop, great memories!"

John Merson wrote about taking the "free bus to Hillards" with his mum.

Another Press reader shared this gem: "Got very familiar with Hillards in the early 70s when my mother went on strike for a few weeks and told my dad he could do the shopping if he thought he was giving her enough "housekeeping". As a domestically clueless man of his pre-war generation, he took schoolboy me along in a desperate attempt to keep it sensible - needless to say, mum won this dispute hands-down."

Yvonne Davy posted: "I worked in Robsons in Haxby from 1977 while still at school. Friday evenings and Saturdays (closed at 5pm!). You had to remember the prices of some items and every price had to be keyed in. Loved it!"

Northern Supermarket in Whitby Avenue

Northern Supermarket in Whitby Avenue

Carol Dixon shared a memory about Northern Supermarket. "Noel Hetherton used to own it and James Hetherton (racehorse trainer) sometimes, reluctantly, worked in the post office bit. I loved going there after Hempland School on a Friday with my brother to spend our pocket money. Hazel in her white coat was a force to be reckoned with."

A Press reader added this: "The supermarket on Whitby Avenue was the first supermarket in York. It was owned by the Hetherton family, well known York solicitors. The long serving checkout lady was called Hazel. The original manager was Mr Ovenden and long serving manageress Miss Mary Welburn, who worked there until she retired. Miss Welburn died last April aged 96."

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