A TECHNOLOGY firm is inviting local businesses to take part in a free trial of its creative messaging app service.

Momentful@Work aims to keep people emotionally connected and alleviate feelings of isolation while working remotely.

1616 Media, the company behind Momentful, was launched in 2016 on York Science Park by Suzy Edward and John Osborne, who both have more than 30 years' experience in developing cutting-edge mobile technologies.

Momentful was developed to help bring people together through the power of expressing themselves with digital ‘moments’.

With original artwork developed by artists and designers specifically to convey emotions and tell stories, the Momentful team also have expert input from an in-house psychologist to ensure all the content is designed with the intended emotion in mind.

Each interactive digital card helps people to say what they feel when words don’t always come easily.

The team felt now was a good time to bring Momentful to a business audience.

CEO Suzy Edward said: “Being able to appreciate and support those around us might seem like little things but it’s the little things that matter.

"It’s the little things that make teams work. Momentful@Work is perfect for companies interested in their people and their culture.”

Teams can access a bespoke, branded version of the app which is topped up with free credits so they can share ‘moments’ with their colleagues, managers, friends and family.

Steve Coomber, director of partnerships at Momentful said: “With the impact of the pandemic and the various national lockdowns meaning colleagues, families and friends aren’t able to get together in the same way as before, the way we communicate digitally has become ever more important."

The free three-month trial offers businesses a chance to try out the functionality of the app and see what impact it can have on staff wellbeing and motivation. It also provides the team with feedback to help develop its service.

To find out more visit https://bemomentful.com/momentfulwork/ Email ask@1616.com to register your interest for a free trial.