I must take up the claim by John Zimnock ("Congratulations to Boris" - Letters. February 11).

What has Boris got right with the vaccination programme? Not much.

It was Prof Sarah Gilbert at Oxford University who, on receipt of the Covid genome from China, initiated the research that led to the new vaccine. Nobody asked Boris. It was AstraZenica, who have a long standing relationship with the Oxford lab who decided to finance the initial research. They didn't ask Boris.

It was Dr June Raine (one of the world's top authorities on drug trials) at the independent MHRA who approved the vaccine for general use in the UK. Nobody asked Boris.

It was the independent Nimbus Group, lead by York's Prof Michael Holmes, who set up the very successful and efficient inoculation centre in York with its army of medical staff and those wonderful volunteers. Boris had nothing to do with it.

Boris Johnson's actions in the past year have been characterised by the leader of the Welsh Assembly, quite correctly in my view, to acting as late as possible and doing as little as possible.

All he seems to have done with the Oxford/AstraZenica vaccine is to claim it was all his doing. It wasn't. Thank go to the scientists and not the politicians.

Roger Cook,

Rufforth, York