LET’S abolish Universal Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Child Allowance.

Instead everyone should receive a Citizen’s Dividend of a similar amount with 50 per cent for the under-18s.

It will be very simple to administer as to qualify you will simply need to be a British citizen and resident in the UK for the last 12 months.

Everyone should receive it, just as we all have a right to NHS care, state education, public roads and the protection of our defence forces.

This will be a share in the prosperity of Britain which will never be withdrawn or paid back.

While the better-off will of course be taxed on it, it will provide security and certainty for all.

It will support those between jobs or help people starting their own businesses, working for charities, studying or saving for retirement.

In the present circumstances it would help those self-isolating.

It would also go some way to reducing the growing inequalities in our society.

Anthony Day,

Lastingham Terrace,