HOLIDAYS holidays, holidays. Lockdown blues creates unrealistic expectations.

This pandemic left unchecked and not taken seriously, might have been the the beginning of a mass extinction event.

Imagine a raging house fire with those who want to pour petrol on it; those trying to analyse why it started; and the clued-up ones trying to douse this raging fire.

This equates to those culprits who are: - Covid and its evolving mutations; test and trace without vaccination follow up, but it's only the vaccinators who are doing their call to arms.

Time is very precious; Covid loves fuddled minds and baying politicians.

Holidays must be a future dream of heaven-to-be, but only when this R rate is at sensible, extremely low, levels.

A York street party to celebrate VCF (Vaccine Covid-Free) day is something to look forward to and I welcome that.

Phil Shepherdson