WHO remembers when a trip to the supermarket looked like this?

And who remembers the names of the likes of Northern, Hillards, Robson's and Presto?

These are just some of the long lost supermarkets of York.

Thanks to Press reader June Caunt who posted a photo of the old Northern Supermarket of Whitby Avenue, just off Stockton Lane, in our nostalgia Facebook group Why We Love York - Memories.

Checking in our archives, the photo is from before its closure in 1985. It had been a local supermarket for 27 years.

Northern Supermarket in Whitby Avenue

Northern Supermarket in Whitby Avenue

In her post, June asked who remembered Northern - and plenty of you did!

Some readers thought it was now a piano shop, but June replied: "I thought it was demolished and replaced with flats, and a new building that houses the piano shop built on the corner, but I may be wrong!

She added: "My mam was the milk lady down there around 1965 and when I helped her, aged 11, she would buy me sweets from there as payment, happy days."

Dave Harding posted: "I remember they claimed to be York’s first supermarket. We used to buy sweets there walking home from Hempland School. Also remember there was a hairdressers around the side facing Whitby Drive."

Irene Rawlinson posted: "I used it many many times - you could take your pram in there and leave it near the checkout whilst you did your shopping. This was the late 60s. The woman on the checkout was there was for many years - I can't remember her name. Used the hairdressers next door many times. The York Press did a survey of supermarkets in York and this one came out as the most expensive."

Karen Garland said: "It’s Red Move estate agents now."

Red Move estate agents in York Photo Google Maps

Red Move estate agents in York Photo Google Maps

From our archive we also dipped in to find some more 'lost supermarkets' of York and discovered some treasured photos including one of Presto in George Hudson Street, Robson's of Haxby, and Hillards, now the Co-op in Hull Road.

We'd love to hear your memories - and photos - of old supermarkets in York.

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