INSTEAD of designing York station so that either more cars can be parked nearby or asking commuters to take the park and ride, could not a parkway station be built outside, say at Copmanthorpe?

The central York station is ideal for tourists and those who live a local bus ride away.

For those who live some distance, expanding parking at the station requires journeys into town increasing pollution and congestion whilst the park and ride takes extra slog for passengers who then have to take a long journey.

A parkway off the A64 ring road gives access from most parts.

Bristol has a successful arrangement and money for investment in the north is available.

Of course it depends on what view is taken of the future of rail travel in general and say commuting into Leeds when the pandemic is over.

If an objection is that a parkway station, by definition, requires a further stop my experience of taking the train from London is that it often had to wait outside for five or more minutes for a platform to become free.

Better use that time to allow people to get off at York Parkway and drive home.

Harold Mozley,

Blakeney Place,