A TV star and a York quiz tech company have joined forces to bring more people together virtually through quizzing and boost mental health.

The Chase host Paul Sinha and the SpeedQuizzing team in York have teamed up to highlight what's great about quizzing, whether done in venues when safe, or virtually.

Through the partnership, Paul will compete in a variety of virtual SpeedQuizzes, and in-venue events when the rules allow, enabling members of the public to go head-to-head with one of quizzing’s biggest stars every month.

It is a timely venture: Paul is currently hosting his own ITV primetime quiz show, Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown, while SpeedQuizzing's software is typically used to host thousands of smartphone-based quizzes each week.

The quiz heavyweights aim to communicate how quizzing is serving as a force for good, bringing people together, in a virtual way currently, and boosting morale, mental health and social engagement at a critical time with the UK in lockdown.

Alan Leach, also of York indie bank Shed Seven, and his brother John founded SpeedQuizzing in 2011. The company creates and sells software used by people across the globe to host interactive, fast-paced in-venue and online pub quizzes. It also provides digital question packs, with new questions every week across 61 different topic areas.

Paul will also be writing hundreds of quiz questions for SpeedQuizzing each month, across a range of topics, with Six from Sinha appearing as a free bonus round in every digital question pack.

Each Six from Sinha selection will test even the most experienced, knowledgeable quizzers, and will be randomly generated, ensuring every set is unique.

Both Paul and SpeedQuizzing will also be sharing regular trivia teasers on social media to test the nation and show just how much fun quizzing can be.

Paul said: “I’ve been a big fan of SpeedQuizzing for a long time now, playing in both virtual and in-venue events as a way of keeping my eye in while catching up with friends, so it’s great to finally ‘make it official’ with this important partnership.

“I can honestly say I love everything about quizzing, from the highs and the lows that come with winning and losing, through to the camaraderie, banter and competition that exists between players. Quizzing taxes your brain while being a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to working with SpeedQuizzing to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.”

SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach said: “We wanted to team up with someone who we feel truly represents who we are and what it is we do and in Paul we’ve found the perfect person, someone who isn’t just a quizzer but also a genuine people person. Don’t get me wrong though, him being really, really clever is always going to be a bonus.

“While we generally sit on different sides of the quizzing ‘table’, we’re both incredibly passionate about all things quizzing and have seen over the last three lockdowns just how important virtual quizzing has been for so many people, both in terms of providing some much-needed entertainment and mental stimulation, and an opportunity for some good old social interaction.

“Working with Paul, we’re hoping to make the world of quizzing accessible to everyone and encourage more people to get involved, with plenty of great entertainment, fun and laughs guaranteed along the way.”

For all the latest news on SpeedQuizzing’s partnership with Paul, including details of regular events where quizzers will be able to go head-to-head with Paul, visit SpeedQuizzing.com or follow Twitter @SpeedQuizzing and Facebook.