A YORK-based company which helps the commercial shipping sector to reduce emissions has launched a system that allows shipping owners to create their own solution onboard.

The new Urea Generator by Fluechem, a specialist supplier of chemical bunkering solutions, is expected to create up to 50 jobs by the end of 2021.

The product is a fully automated onboard Urea blending system, housed in a shipping container, that enables users to blend Urea solution rather than purchase pre-mixed liquid.

This helps to eliminate the need to transport large quantities of Urea solution portside and frees up space onboard reserved for storage tanks.

It saves costs as it reduces risks associated with pre-made solutions going out of date. It can be retrofitted to vessels, old or new, with a full installation service available if needed.

Fluechem director, Niall Roberts said: “We’ve been working in the shipping industry for many years by providing global bunkering solutions for ship owners. Through our varied experiences we realised that the common themes throughout the maritime industry revolved around costs, efficiencies and compliance.

"We wanted something that would allow ships to blend their own Urea solutions. Ultimately this means they can save time and money by reducing the amount of transportation required to get the solutions onboard.”

Developed by British and Italian engineers, the Urea Generator is a robust product that has been manufactured to withstand the rigours of life at sea.

Fluechem's headquarters are in Stamford Bridge Road, near Dunnington, where the team controls and governs the company's international affairs and serves the marine sector globally.

Fluechem director, Frazer Lang added: “When we developed the system we wanted it to be as cost effective and easy to use as possible whilst not affecting the quality of build.

"Initial research shows that the Urea Generator can help ship owners save up to 60 per cent on OPEX costs. This doesn’t take in to account the shear convenience of blending Urea onboard and only being reliant on the delivery of Urea prill which takes up far less space than when in its blended format.”