An "egotistical and bizarre" puppet is proving to be a lockdown hit

Twice a week, David makes his presence felt on community-based music and arts organisation SMART's You Tube channel.

Hundreds tune in to watch him form a duo with the Tang Hall organisation's director of music Neil Card.

And since his first appearance early in the first lockdown, the puppet has made sure everyone knows who's the boss.

"David is like an extension of myself, so he gets to say ridiculous, nonsensical things and doesn't really have to answer to anyone," said Neil.

"He has changed over time and got increasingly egotistical and bizarre in his behaviour.

"He has a number of catchphrases, always opens up the episode with a rendition of a song and then I walk in.

"He insults me, belittles me and patronises me.

The double act was born when managing director Sue Williamson recorded a round-up on the first Friday of the first lockdown and thought it sounded like a public health broadcast.

"So I looked around for something to give it a lighter tone and saw David sitting there in the studio," she said. "A star was born."

Neil provided a stroppy voice for David and the puppet had a speaking part at the end of the round-up.

After that there was no holding him.

"People seem to love him; it doesn’t matter how mean or spiteful he is, he is so small and cute that it makes you feel better just looking at him," said Sue.

In a couple of weeks, David and Neil will have their 100th broadcast on and on YouTube channel David@THSLive and are planning a celebratory compilation of the best bits.