A FORMER York student has become the only person in Britain to complete the two swim and run Frog Graham routes in the Lake District.

Andy Dickson, 55, who attended Archbishop Holgate's School in York, completed the Frog Graham Round and the Frog Whitton Round during the summer last year.

The routes include a 64km run, 15,000ft climb and a 5km swim over four lakes to complete the Frog Graham, and a 164km cycle, 10,000ft climb and 10km swim to complete the Frog Whitton Round.

Andy said he was just the third person ever to complete Frog Graham route in 18 hours on July 19, while the Frog Graham route - which he completed in September - took a gruelling 26 hours.

He said he is the first person to ever complete both.

Andy, who works for the adventure company Impact, said the decision to complete the Double Frog was “crazy” but inspiring.

He said: “If I’m totally honest I’m not absolutely sure why I wanted to complete the double Frog.

"But a big part of it revolved around the beautiful environment through which you journey, the sense of achievement of going further than you think you can, and doing something a bit different to the mainstream.

“And hopefully inspiring others.

"Achieving the Double Frog has made me very happy and I feel that was a legacy I inherited from my uncle when he introduced the love and thrills of journeys through the mountain environment.

“I hope that maybe my endeavours on the Double Frog will inspire others to go and have adventures.”

You can read more about Andy’s adventures by visiting https://www.220triathlon.com/news/the-frog-whitton/.