FORTY years ago my neighbour wrote to the then Evening Press decrying the Fulford School traffic affecting his quiet cul-de-sac Fulfordgate.

There were approx 400 pupils at that time.

Fast forward to 2021 the school has expanded to 1400-plus with plans to increase in pupils and traffic.

No imagination is needed if you live on Main Street, Heslington Lane, or Fulfordgate, at school entry and more hazardous exit.

Development of the Germany Beck site offered a solution with a new road to the rear of the school off the A19.

At the time of planning permission for the site, this was promised to the residents. A recent campaign by the concerned residents to have this honoured is underway but unfortunately they feel they are being excluded from decision making meetings.

As serious stakeholders we would like our views and ideas to be taken seriously to remove this traffic from the main roads and make it safer for residents, pupils and the village.

Surely all living in this vibrant village do not want this nightmare to continue.

Honest discussion and flexibility by all stakeholders is needed for a solution to satisfy all parties.

P Hickson

Fulfordgate, York