I MUST operate in an alternative universe.

Miraculously, a vaccination against the pandemic is created in an impossibly short timescale.

Massive supplies are quickly rushed out and York benefits from a becoming a national hub.

Those responsible for organising the logistics of space, staffing, facilities, computing and training do it in record time and on the first day we have people complaining that they've had to wait 100 minutes for their (free) vaccination!

What else were they planning to do that day?

Who wouldn't queue for 100 minutes to save their life?

Bill Marsh,

Beadle Garth,



... I HAVE read with interest the letters complaining about the length of time needed to wait in a queue for a Covid vaccination.

We in Yorkshire are the lucky ones, our NHS, with help from the Army, has vaccinated more of us oldies than any other part of the country.

I for one am extremely grateful for their hard work and yes I did have to queue - but it was worth it.

Marcia Watson,

Beckfield Lane,


...GOD bless all those in the vaccine roll-out

I was very relieved when my wife and I were contacted by our surgery last Tuesday to offer us the vaccine. Yes! Please give us back our lives!

We were offered several days and I turned down Wednesday - I wanted to see the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Jo Biden and the Vice-President Kamala Harris leading us - and the world hopefully - into a new future. So I booked Thursday.

My dear wife, Sylvia, was not impressed. I have a severe left ear disability from childhood measles and I thought my good one was somewhat affected after an earful after replacing the phone.

On Wednesday we received calls from friends who, sadly, had gone through testing times in queues of four hours at the vaccination centre next to Tesco’s on Tadcaster Road.

We went on Thursday and everything worked like clockwork. It was so well organised that I felt very proud of our country and those trying to protect us - the more vulnerable.

I was emotionally moved as I was treated by young army medics from Catterick.

God bless them all.

Keith Massey

Bishopthorpe, York