HOMES, roads and footpaths near Bootham Crescent will be named to honour former York City FC stars.

The football club said it submitted a request to York council to name six places within the development - including roads, walks and apartments - to pay respects to past legends of York City FC.

The Press reported last year that the council had approved plans to build 93 residential homes on Bootham Crescent.

Further plans to retain the ground’s legacy, including a memorial garden, have been labelled “gold-standard” by Historic England - which hopes other clubs will follow in the York FC's footstep to help preserve footballing history.

The scheme includes a memorial garden, plans to recreate the pitch's existing centre circle and to install a flagpole at the entrance to the open space at the heart of the development.

A section of terrace and tunnel will also remain, and there are plans to re-create the ground virtually using an app. James Wood, of Historic England, said: "This is the first football ground Historic England have got involved with at the ground level and helped retain a clubs history from the early stages.

"It is so refreshing to hear a football club speak in these terms.

"They know what the ground, its history, means to locals and tourists. Too many grounds have been during the redevelopment, with no thought on how to commemorate its history.

“This approach is a mark for future clubs.

"We think, and hope, York will stand as an exemplar – ‘a York City example’ – that is quoted in future ways other clubs look to retain their legacy when moving grounds. "This project will be a new way to do it."

Ian McAndrew, development director at the football club, said a section of terrace and tunnel will also remain, with further plans to re-create the ground virtually using an app. And a new walkway will be created that leads from the memorial area towards the Duncombe Barracks site – which plans to host 34 new zero-carbon homes.

He said: "For me, the journey has not finished from moving to the new stadium. We need to make sure Bootham Crescent lives on.

"The local authority agree that the street leading up to the ground should be named after a player.

"Everybody is on board for that - providing planning acceptance - and we are looking at names and how to progress that forward.

"This is the place we want children to come with their grandparents to remember Bootham Crescent and pass on history.

"It's going to part of York and tell the history and culture of the city. We will make sure it lives on."

Other notable plans include the recreation of the flagpole and ‘five-minute flag’, and the retention of the boundary wall around the site which was in place for the cricket pitch.