WHAT a good article Emma Clayton wrote about non-mask wearers (The Press, January 14)! Unfortunately, the people who need to read this will not, even if they have the education to comprehend!

The three Rs used to be taught in school, now we need new ones - Respect, Responsibility and Realism!

As for David Stephenson's letter, comparing the present situation to living in East Germany, does he not know the difference between oppression and caring for the health of him and everyone else?

If stupid and selfish people had regards for their fellow man and followed the regulations,there would be no need for marshals, fines etc.

D Vieira,

Station Avenue, York

...I WRITE in disgust to Emma Claytons article 'Maskless shoppers' (The Press, January 14).

Ms Clayton states 'she doesn't know of any medical reasons why you can't wear a mask'.

There are numerous health and also wellbeing reasons why people can't wear masks, not everybody wants to openly admit their health issues due to discrimination and potential ridicule.

Secondly has Ms Clayton tried 'to book an online delivery slot' recently? Is she willing to wait up to a month for an available slot as is currently the case?

Perhaps next time Ms Clayton writes an article I suggest she actually gets her facts right first to avoid upset and anger.

David Reynolds,

Leasmires Avenue,



EMMA CLAYTON replies...

I DO recognise that there are valid reasons for not wearing a face mask, such as physical and mental health conditions, or disability, and I did not intend to cause any offence to people who have these legitimate reasons.

The people I was referring to in my column are those who flout the rules and have no valid reason not to wear a mask. This is a serious health risk, and shows a total lack of respect for shop staff and other customers who are complying to the rules.

It has become has a concern to many people, and to supermarkets which are now taking tougher measures to enforce the face mask mandate. I pity the poor retail staff who are left trying to police this and often have to deal with abuse and intimidation.

Because carrying an exemption card or badge is not required by law, I feel that people with a genuine reason for not wearing a mask – particularly those who have a hidden disability or health condition - are at risk of being refused entry to a store.

The wearing of face masks has become a divisive issue and the legislation is ambiguous. There needs to be more clarity, particularly with exemption cards. 

I stand by my opinion that if people refuse to wear a face mask, a better option would be to try to shop online, if they are able to do so.

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