On January 5th I had a letter printed in The Press pointing out the differences between Jorvik & Priory medical centres.

I received a phone call from my doctors, Jorvik, and was fixed up in ten minutes with a Covid-19 jab appointment (jab done a few days later).

My wife received a letter and was given the run around with the phone game for two days after which all appointments for 2020 were gone. I was so incensed I wrote to Priory complaining and received no reply.

Thank goodness for the tenacity of Stephen Lewis of The Press who was kind enough get involved and to devote his time and energy to get in touch with the PR lady at Nimbus Care, (who organise the jabs).

The following day a pleasant lady Rachel, from Nimbus phoned my wife and calmly arranged a date, Friday, January 15, and time .

If only this happened in the first place it would have saved a great deal of angst. Thanks again to Stephen from both of us, for sorting this sorry mess out.

William Moore,

Lochrin Place,