AT time of writing there were eight Wednesdays to budget day on March 3 and 11 Wednesdays to March 31 and the removal of the £20 extra money given per week to help Universal Credit claimants during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is still with us and likely to be there for some time. But the extra money will disappear and plunge many low income families into further hardship and debt.

Benefit claimants have been very vocal about how they struggled on the Universal Credit system and the difference the extra £20 made to them.

There is a worry that some claimants from low income working families may not realise that the £20 was a temporary measure only. But beware, it will cease on Wednesday March 31 unless the Government yields to pressure from community support groups and food banks who recognise the deprivation daily.

If you know anyone in receipt of Universal Credit please check they are aware of the impending change.

We all need to lobby about this. Please contact your MP to ask them to demand that the Chancellor keeps this essential £20 payment

Gwen Vardigans,

Unite Community Branch (York),

Carron Crescent, York