HEAVEN knows how much has been spent on a local plan for York. It is now suggested it be scrapped as much has changed since it was submitted in May 2018 (‘Withdraw Local Plan and start again’ - inspectors say scheme may be out of date, The Press, January 12).

Much sure has changed, but the council will ‘press ahead’ despite an outdated plan based on outdated evidence.

Building a multi-storey car park was also approved at a recent council meeting but we are being told it still ‘could be stopped’ (I hope so).

The local plan is meant to cover the next 15 years. The council also plans to make the city ‘carbon neutral’ and yet continues to encourage cars into the city by proposing a new multi-storey car park when we already have plenty!

We really could do with some joined up thinking and planning.

Can we have any confidence in the city planners? I think not!

Jim Welsman,

Stamford Bridge