BUS operators in York are using a bus ticketing app which lets users make cashless ticket purchases and track buses in real-time.

The city's three independent bus operators, Reliance Motor Services, York Pullman and Connexionsbuses, are now using myTrip.

Reliance Motor Services operate 18 buses across a wide network around York and North Yorkshire, and said the news was ‘a real bonus' for passengers in York.

York Pullman carries more one million passengers annually and Connexionsbuses operate 35 buses on a mixed network of schools and commercial services in North and West Yorkshire.

myTrip was launched in September 2020 in response to Covid-19 and how it had impacted on operators and users. It was designed especially for smaller operators, and is an affordable way for operators to offer cashless and contact-free ticketing, live bus tracking and fulfil BODS (Bus Open Data Service) regulations.

Gary Newby, managing director of Reliance Motor Services, said: “myTrip has changed the game for us.

"Feedback from passengers has shown a demand for the enhanced features myTrip offer and the service from Passenger is first class. They have come out of the blocks and delivered a multi-operator solution to a genuine issue we are facing in the industry."

myTrip is the first multi-operator app to be designed, built and priced for smaller operators. It allows for cashless and contact-free transactions and helps operators and users manage social distancing requirements. Users can also see detailed information about each vehicle (including accessibility features) and can gift tickets via the app.

“The response to the app has been fantastic. The option to gift tickets has been a game-changer for parents wanting to manage their children’s tickets for school or college and the ability to track the bus to the stop means parent and child have more confidence in the service full stop."

Craig Temple, managing director of Connexionsbuses, said: “'We have been looking for a secure and reliable mobile ticketing app for some time, and myTrip is perfect for us. It has been very well received and is now in use throughout our network. Our partner schools and parents particularly appreciate the live tracking so they can see where buses are in real-time."