A BEATLES tribute band from York are set to release their first single next month, which is based around the world becoming stronger after the pandemic.

The Threetles, made up of Adam Dawson, James Brown and Andrew Bowen from the city, will release their new tune called 'The Otherside' on February 28.

Describing the song, founding member of the band, Adam, said: "The Otherside is one we’ve put together during the first lockdown about how great it’s going to be once we all get back to normal, which feels like it’s now just around the corner.

"The song is already picking up some airtime on the radio already - we’re delighted that it’s capturing people’s imagination."

Last year, the band launched a fundraiser in which people could pre-order their debut album, which they are going to record at the Abbey Road studios as The Beatles famously did in the 1960s.

The band launched the plea as they were unable to perform shows due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They managed to raise £5,000 from pre-orders, which will now allow them to record the album, which Adam said was "amazing."

He went on to say: "We’re absolutely delighted to be heading to Abbey Road. It’s a dream for us to record in the same space as our heroes and we’re so grateful to everyone who helped us get there.

"The project has spiralled into something much bigger and we want to give everyone who has helped us to get here a full album’s worth of new songs.

"We’re hoping to make a 12-track album which will be full of Beatles-inspired, catchy pop songs with plenty of melody and harmony."

They are due to travel to the studios in March to work on their debut record, depending on Government coronavirus restrictions in place at the time.

The album is still available for pre-order, with options ranging from having your name printed in the album artwork, right through to having The Threetles perform in your living room.

Further information can be found at: www.thethreetles.co.uk