A New Year and a new disaster for City of York Council’s Local Plan (‘Withdraw Local Plan and start again’ - inspectors say scheme may be out of date, January 12).

I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. It was obvious to all who looked at it there was no way it would be accepted and now the inspectors have said the same.

Yet despite the inspectors, who must give approval to any plan before it can legally be implemented, having told the council to withdraw it and start again, Cllr Ayre states that would be ‘quite simply, the wrong thing to do’.

Clearly he hasn’t learnt any humility from the farce that is the community stadium.

His Green Party colleague, the executive member for road blocks Andy D’Agorne, may recall in 2018 that we had an exchange in this column where I suggested they withdraw the Local Plan then.

Would he now agree that that advice should have been heeded?

Whatever they do it should be obvious that sackings are needed.

Just remember who’s paying for it when you all receive the letter informing you of a 4.99 per cent council tax increase.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York