Because of Covid, 2020 was a year that, safe to say, we would all like to have done without.

Many people have moaned about ‘lockdowns’.

We have collectively complained about not being able to meet relatives or workmates, missing birthday parties, cancelling weddings and Christmas parties, and not being able to go to the pub or restaurants as often as we liked.

There has been talk of the mental stress of having to live ‘cramped up’ with the family at home, and of university students missing their right to a drunken freshers week.

I would like to bring to your attention a body of men who endure all the above, work a minimum of 84 hours a week for periods of months at a time, and for whom being two meters apart from others would be heavenly.

I am talking about nuclear submariners, who endure all the above, year in year out, to protect us.

Should you meet them when they are on leave, please show them the respect they deserve.

They do all this to keep us safe, the same as the gallant NHS workers are doing.

Ask yourself, if you are not employed in either of the above occupations, should I stop moaning and obey the lockdown rules?

Thank you NHS and emergency services.

Capt. G.T.Rymer, Merchant Navy (retired), Wigginton, York