I RECOGNISE that some people prefer making personal attacks to facing up to the reality of leaving the EU but I will continue to do what I can to ensure that the cold light of day shines brightly on the impacts of Brexit.

Brexit campaign group Leave EU moved its headquarters to the EU this week. Brexiter Rees-Mogg’s investment fund is now based in Ireland. Brexiter Jim Radcliife has relocated his car production to France. Move along, no irony there.

The Prime Minister’s father has applied for a French passport.

Sales between the UK and the EU are now subject to new duties and taxes. So much for Johnson’s free trade deal.

UK businesses importing goods from, say, China to sell across the EU are losing that business. There are already duties and taxes on importing goods from China. Why would anyone in the EU willingly double those taxes by buying such imported goods via a UK company? Understandably EU nations cutting the middleman. Good for EU companies and EU jobs. Bad for UK jobs. UK importers, now only selling in the smaller UK market, will order less and pay more, bringing retail price rises to customers in the UK. Facts matter.

Christian Vassie

Wheldrake, York