So the planning committee of this current council went ahead and approved the building of multi storey car park in the 21st century in an iconic city of the UK - against its own Climate Emergency Plan which says to reduce cars into the city.

They are building a car park to encourage more cars into the city.

Against many objections, one being that there is no way they would approve a multi storey car park built within sight of the Minster but the derelict south can have one.

It beggars belief in this day and age that a council which was given many objections including ones from the Police, would take the decision to say yes - when around the world cities who want the best for their citizens are removing car parks and making them more cycle friendly and pedestrian.

Our Green Party let us down, abstaining a vote is weak.

It seems that this current council is just interested in building huge apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants and a multi storey car park.

Its legacy is going to be one not of development for York, but of totalling and utterly destroying it.

The council is not innovative nor are progressive, its thinking lives in the 60s when the car was king! Well done our Lib Dem/Green council you have outdone yourselves this time.

Lynette Mills,